Our Services

The primary objective of any management firm is to maximize operating profits for its investors while safeguarding the physical asset.  CWB Property Management outperforms other management companies due to our demonstrated abilities in the areas of Revenue Generation and Cost Control.  Our continuing corporate growth is predicated on our absolute commitment to the guest’s total satisfaction.

CWB Property Management places great emphasis on the four key business elements:

  1. Operations
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Finance and Accounting
  4. Human Resources

Over a period of almost twenty years we have established a solid reputation for managing hotel properties consistent with the best interests of our owners and investors, generating a positive cash flow and growing the value of the asset.

Common characteristics of a CWB managed property:

  1. Hands-on corporate supervision
  2. Immediate Financial Access
  3. Detailed Annual Budgets
  4. Ongoing updated forecasting
  5. Cost Controllable Monitoring
  6. Organized purchasing procedures
  7. Friendly, courteous service
  8. Area focused Marketing plan
  9. Sales based hotel culture
  10. Daily Revenue Management
  11. Top quality food and beverage operations
  12. On-going employee training


Rates are structured, monitored daily and changed as market conditions warrant. Rate maximization via yield management is an integral part of our operational strategy.

Food and beverage departments are focused on providing quality products and services that are in line with current trends, energy expenses are controlled, preventive maintenance programs are established, and our Associate’s Manual is helpful in the task of managing a large staff.

Revenue Management

Managing revenue is a key priority for any hotel and one that CWB takes very seriously. Our hotels strive to improve RevPAR penetration year after year, driving growth of market share and increasing revenues.  Our Team works directly with our hotel revenue teams to initiate innovative ideas in order to build revenues with an aggressive internet strategy and strong third party presence.

Our principles of Revenue Management encompass five key areas: strategic identification, pricing, forecasting, channel distribution, and ancillary revenues.  Specific targeted market focus in the areas of rate and inventory options, mix-of-business changes, supply-and-demand factors, and requisite operational adjustments transform objectives into winning strategies.

Web Based Multi-Unit Accounting

All CWB hotels enjoy centralized accounting services that results in lower administrative payroll costs to the hotel and more accurate, informative, and timely financial information.

You will receive a professionally prepared Profit and Loss Statement at the end of every financial period, as well as crucial information pertaining to your success in the market arena and within your competitive set due to the astute management of this vital area.

Information Technology

Having a highly trained IT professional on your team can be very comforting when changes in technology are required.  Our IT Director supervises all high-tech issues including telephone and computer systems, Internet services, electronic key systems, and more.

Our focus and support in this critical area saves our clients and abundance of time, money and frustration.